How to Trim Baby’s nails

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how to trim baby's nailsYou are all enthusiastic about taking care of your new born baby. Yet you are not comfortable to trim your baby’s nails. Keeping baby’s nails short is very important mainly for baby’s safety. Babies lack muscle control, they can easily scratch and bruise their own soft skin while waving their hand and feet. As baby is growing up the other kids may get hurt by baby’s long nails especially in baby care environments.

You can make the task easier by taking the help of elders in the home or your partner. Prefer the timing when baby is fast asleep. It is ideal to be done after baby bath as the skin is soft and baby will have sound sleep. One person should hold the baby’s hand firmly while the other trims the nails.

Select a good location for having better access. Make your position comfortable to have hold over the baby as well as comfortable for the partner holding the baby’s hand. Ensure sufficient lighting while doing this activity. In case the baby is awake you need to distract the baby with songs and actions that will keep the baby engaged.

To trim nails use baby clippers with rounded tips , advised for safety. This is the safest tools. When clipping nails, hold your baby’s fingertip pad down and away from the nail. Gently snip, follow the natural curve of the finger nail, taking care that you do not go too low and cause pain.

Few doctors recommend to use emery paper for the first eight weeks as baby nails are very soft , to avoid any injury to the baby. Do not bite or peel the nails as advised by grandma. Peeling can take off excess nail and may cause bleeding. Do not bite the nails as the germs from your mouth will transfer to the baby’s skin and baby may put the fingers into mouth. Ensure there are no sharp edges after trimming the nails. Use emery paper to smoothen edges.

Baby nails tend to grow quickly from infancy to toddler hood. You need to trim baby’s finger nails at least twice a week. Finger nails grow quickly when compared to toe nails. The frequency for toe nails can be maintained at thrice a month, requiring less maintenance.

how to trim baby's nailsAfter you trim baby’s nails wipe the fingers and toe with a clean damp cloth to remove any remnants. This will keep away any germs transferred from the baby clipper.

If in case of injury while trimming the baby’s nails especially when the baby fidgets too much. Do not worry, use a sterile cotton and gently apply pressure to stop the bleeding.

Do not put a bandage or cotton gauze over the cut – babies may unknowingly put the finger into the mouth and the bandage may get displaced and cause choking. Doctors do not recommend using a liquid bandage product for babies or toddlers as they may suck it off. Few babies have thumb sucking habit. If you observe the wound doesn’t stop bleeding for the baby, it will be a good idea to see your pediatrician.