When Can I Take my Baby out in Public?

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When-to-take-Newborn-baby-outWhen a baby is born there will a number of relatives and friends coming to visit and bless the parents after they receive the good news. The parents are also curious and have a common query in mind, “When can I take my newborn baby in public ?”. This is a point of discussion and debate among elders too.

Ideally it is always good to stay back in the warmth of your home but there are certain requirements to be fulfilled in the growth and health of the child that requires you going out into the general public. When you introduce your little one to the world you need to take a few precautions for the well being of the child.

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When can I take my Newborn baby out in public?

Since ages babies were not taken out for weeks and months considering then to be too fragile to be taken out in public. In Indian culture the newborn baby is not taken out to common places like church, temple or even the common roads for about 56 days. The elders were literally scared that the baby may get nazar, and may fall sick. Going out was only for doctor visit etc. in a closed environment.

Now that times have changed with the logical reasoning applied that babies can be taken out by following some precautionary measures.

However you need to remember that babies are delicate and prone to catch viral infections if they are exposed to crowds and busy places. Therefore when you plan to take your baby out you need to watch out for the below mentioned activities.

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Take Your Baby out when fed and clean

Take your baby out after he is fed and has been changed into fresh diaper and clothes. This will ensure baby is in the mood to look around and see the world is great. Avoid taking him out when it is time for his sleep time because he will be restless and will certainly make a lot of noise.

Watch the Weather and Temperature

Before you leave your home check out for the weather conditions / report.  If there is any chance of rain preferably avoid going out. Secondly if the temperature of the air outside is high you will not be able to manage your baby. Staying in during hottest summer days and the coldest of the winter can be the best bet for keeping your baby healthy and happy.

Be self sufficient with Supplies

If your outing will take a bit longer you need to plan for the essential supplies like extra diapers, feedings and a small toy. This will ensure you have all the basic requirements and you can handle the baby without any problems. A fully-loaded diaper bag comes in handy!

 Dress the Baby Properly

Take care while dressing the baby. Choose clothes that will keep the baby comfortable . Just like you plan your clothes and accessories you need to cover up the babies ear, head and feet based on the seasons. In summer dress lightly and in winter ensure extra layers. Avoid glaring sunrays and direct heat. Use an umbrella and park in shady places. You can however postpone the outing if the weather conditions are not manageable.

 Avoid busy places and Crowds

Avoid busy places and crowds as your baby’s immune system is not as good and stable as yours. Preferably avoid going out shopping, movies, busy places like stations and airports as much as possible. If it is absolutely a must go to these places, make sure your baby is well-covered and try to keep your distance from others as much as possible.

 Keep away from Sick People

You need to keep your child away from sick people or who were sick from contagious problems as much as you can. This will include avoiding gatherings such as birthday parties, holy places  where  people assemble often. As babies are delicate illnesses can be quickly transmitted to your baby.

 No Touching and kissing the new born baby

It is a common observation that people want to touch newborns – as they are so adorable and cute. But as new born parents don’t allow your baby to be touched, especially by strangers, no matter how well-meaning they are. There are a few others who want to kiss the baby’s cheeks or hands. If someone gets upset with you over this rule, don’t be surprised, but stand your ground. Make it clear that you want to keep her as healthy as possible. This is one main reason to keep the baby away from common places for the initial few weeks.

 Sanitize Your hands at regular intervals

Even if your baby is not touched, you could be that means that you can pick up germs. Remember that when you touch various surfaces for eg: the door handle of your car, the doors of your home or anything else can transmit germs to your skin. Keep a hand sanitizer in your pocket, in your car, at home, and even in the diaper bag, and use it often.

Clean things that you might not think of automatically, such as the handles of your stroller or the sides and bottom of your diaper bag. With a little care, you can make sure that your child doesn’t come into contact with germs before her immune system is ready to handle the outside world.

Create this awareness among your family members too and you can watch your newborn baby grow healthy and in good spirits too.

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Happy motherhood!!