Dispensing and Preparing Formula for baby

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Baby is fed with formula when breast milk is insufficient or to manage the frequency when mother is out for work or an errand.

Use boiled water for mixing formulas this will ensure your baby does not get infections and is healthy. Continue this practice as long as you are using a bottle for feeding. Need to be cautious on healthy hygienic practices.

Babies will not wait when they are hungry. They will cry loud such that the neighbours also will realize the presence of the baby.

Procedure to mix formula milk:

Wash your hands Always read the label instructions mentioned on the formula pack. Boil water in a clean vessel. Let it simmer for 3 to 5 minutes extra. Then leave the vessel for cooling until lukewarm. Now transfer the water into a feeding bottle which is clean and sterilized. Dispense the formula powder into the feeding bottle that has water.  Tighten the nipple and cap of the bottle. Shake the bottle thoroughly.

Check for any lumps in the bottle, it will prevent flow of milk.

You can store boiled water in a flask sufficient for the next feed to avoid being away from the kid for long. You can plan for the night feed in this manner.

Water is the main source for bacterial contamination and as babies are very delicate they are infected quickly. It is a painful process for both mother and child therefore follow hygiene practices.

Check for the right temperature:

Check for the temperature of baby formula prior to feeding the baby. Sprinkle some milk from the bottle nipple onto the inner side of your wrist. It should not feel hot on your skin upon contact , you should feel similar to body temperature, not too hot that the baby will be affected.

How long can we store the formula milk:

It is recommended to use the mixed formula milk in an hour’s time. If the external weather is cold, it is advisable to warm the milk and then feed the baby. Do not serve left over milk beyond recommended duration, it may grow bacteria and your child may fall sick.

Heating the baby formula:

You can lightly heat mixed baby formula in the microwave too, use a separate clean vessel for that purpose. If the milk is too warm and the baby is shrieking with hunger, immerse the vessel partially into a bucket of regular water. This will bring down the temperature and you can feed the baby quickly.

Caution while dispensing baby formula:

  • Use the scoop as supplied in the baby formula pack.dispensing and preparing baby formula
  • Do not heap the scoop while dispensing baby formula  Fill up to the scoop tip only.
  • Do not compress the baby formula in the spoon . Normally dip and scoop out quantity.
  • Follow right dilution of baby formula. Adding more water to the dispensed quantity is unhealthy as adding more baby formula to the water. This may cause indigestion, constipation and your baby may have colic problems.
  • At all times follow manufacturer’s instructions mentioned on the pack. Read label,  check for product expiry etc while purchasing baby formula.

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