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Toys Support Baby DevelopmentToys are the child’s best means for being engaged. Toys keeps away boredom and therefore it is important to have a variety of toys such that the child has enough attention and is engrossed while playing with them.

Toys are colorful, makes pleasant noises, in different shapes and sizes, in different textures – Soft material and hard ones too. Whatever be the size and shape you need to monitor for the safety of the kid. Keep away tiny or loose pieces from the babies too avoid choking risks.

Read the instructions while purchasing the toys. There should not be any sharp projections, too much noise generating toys. Choosing toys is important to maximize your child play and encourage physical and intellectual growth.

Toys enhance movement and motor skills

Toys help co-ordination and balance, build arm and leg strength. There are push and pull toys, ride on toys eg: a small car which moves on wheels. Advised to avoid battery powered ride-on toys. Playing with balls, kicking the ball with hands and legs are also great fun, the child gets good exercise. There are rockers like the horse which helps move forward and backward. The child learns of new toys and also imbibes the technique of operating each of them.

As they grow you can choose toys that involve hand-eye coordination. The child will gradually adapt to the toy placement of various structures with practice. You can select toys that makes patterns, coloring on art books and using crayons. Stacking and building toys with arrangement of shapes and placing the shapes in corresponding blocks.

The child can play with toys associated to the kitchen, doctor articles, teaching kit, showing their interest towards a particular task or profession. Children at a very young age play musical instruments from the inclination to music and musical instruments.

Toys enhance language skills

For improving language skills it is advised to select books with pictures. The child can be made to understand with images and will be able to correspond to the requirement quickly. As the children are curious you can make an effort to read stories to them and share good values and idealogy.

Mothers who are carrying can follow this for the unborn child too. Listening to good music and talk only fosters good qualities in an individual. As child grows up, he will not be interested on the same toys. You need to select toys as per the age. Children will be keen on sports kit and want outdoor stuff. You can let the child have fun in open air provided close monitoring.

The toddlers learn to balance and place articles. At times the babies will cry and weep when they are unable to place the shapes successfully. They get attracted to colors and shapes. Babies do learn to align and bridge toys over one another. When there are more than one baby around they will want to play with the same toy or choose the same color even when there are spare ones around. A sense of ownership starts building in them. Parents can teach kids to share and nurture qualities that will become the foundation of one’s character.

Toys are a great medium for the child’s growth and development. The trick lies in selecting the right toys that truly supports the child’s physical and intellectual growth.

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