Ear infection in a newborn baby

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ear infection for a newborn babyEar infection is an experience every newborn baby may have had in the growing stages. Ear infection is very painful bringing both the baby and the parents under tremendous worry and sleepless night. You can understand why it occurs and what are the symptoms associated with ear infection. Breast fed babies are less prone to ear infections than a bottle feeding baby.

What is an Ear infection?

An ear infection typically affects your baby’s middle ear. These infections can be quite painful and often develop a few days after the onset of a cold. Basically, fluid builds up in a small pocket behind the eardrum. This fluid buildup is caused by germs and bacteria which get into the ear. The eustachian tubes, which form a passage from your ear to your throat, are very small in newborn babies, and they have a more difficult time blocking bacteria. Refer the picture for further understanding.  As the baby grows, so do their eustachian tubes, and they generally have less ear infections, although this may not always be the case.

ear infection for a newborn babyEar infections are associated with fever in some babies. Ear infections are not contagious.

What are the symptoms of ear infection?

You should carry your baby after washing the hands thoroughly.

  • Your child will be restless and often will be tugging and pulling the ear.
  • Your child may be having fever and will be crying with pain.
  • You may observe pus or blood from your baby’s ear
  • It may be some sticky substance oozing out of the ear.
  • The secretion from ear may also smell bad.
  • Baby will refuse feeds both bottle and breast feed as the baby experience pain upon sucking. The jaw movement will increase the pain.

Now baby is hungry and having ear pain too. You will hear louder non stop crying. You need to consult a doctor as you cannot see her crying with pain and not going easy with milk intake.

When to consult the doctor?

When your baby is becoming fussier and crying a lot you need to take the baby to the Doctor. The Doctor basis diagnosis may prescribe for antibiotics and ear drops. The eardrops and medication will address the pain and minimize the infection gradually.

Baby also becomes active when the pain is subsides and will accept feeds quickly.

Home remedies:

Place a cloth pad dipped in warm water. Squeeze it and place it near the baby’s ear. The warm compress gives relief for 15 to 20 minutes. Repeat this process. The baby will also sense the parents attention and the mother’s warmth and will be quiet. It is a type of massage and soothes the baby.

1 to 2 drops of warm olive oil or coconut oil can be placed in each ear. Oil should be warm enough that the baby can bear the temperature. Remember baby’s skin is delicate and therefore need gentle handling.

2 drops of warm garlic oil can be put into each ear.

Should we go in for medication over the counter

It is recommended by Medical practitioners and Pediatricians that we need to wait for 2 to 3 days for natural curing. The bacteria inside the ear will build resistance to the medicine and later on they will not be very effective. You will have to go in for higher dosage to address the ear infection.

Precautionary methods:

Watch out newborn baby’s ears for any dirt or sticky excretions. Prevent baby from cold and fever. When you go out of the home properly cover ears to prevent cold breeze affecting ears.

Do not allow water to enter the ear during bathing process. Wipe the ear externally with Baby ear buds. Do this when baby is asleep. Check baby’s ear with a pen torch for better viewing.

You need not become worried and depressed about your child’s condition. Assure the baby with your nearness and kisses and I’m sure he will sense your attention and recover quickly.

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