It is not safe to use an Air Conditioner(AC) or Air cooler for a newborn baby?

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Is it safe to use an AC or cooler for a newborn babyYes, it is not safe to use an Air Conditioner(AC) or Air cooler for a newborn baby if you do not follow the basic precautionary measures. Pediatricians recommend to keep the baby in cool and airy environment than to let him remain in hot, airless and humid environment.

Babies are delicate and cannot adjust to external weather changes quickly as adults do. This is the main reason for babies to get affected with overheat and associated illnesses such as prickly heat, heat rash, dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

It is generally observed that babies sleep well and are comfortable when the room is properly cooled and ventilated. This will nullify the chances of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Watch out that the room does not become too cold i.e too low than the baby’s body temperature and chill him. This could lead to other health complications.

You need to follow these precautionary measures to keep your baby safe and comfortable in hot summer days while using an AC or air cooler.

  1. Ensure the room temperature is between 23 and 27 deg C

External heat changes and humidity variations can have an impact on the functioning of the AC or air cooler. Your room can get too cold very quickly making it uncomfortable for the baby. Baby will be restless due to too much coolness.

  • For AC: Set the timer for the duration it takes to cool the room. If your AC does not have an inbuilt timer, you can use an alarm clock for convenience of reminding. If your AC does not have a temperature display, maintain a thermometer in the room to monitor the temperature and manage your newborn baby.
  • If your room has an air cooler, leave a window or door partly open to let the flow of air. This is mandatory in monsoon when the weather is humid. As the Air cooler evaporates water to cool the room, it increases the humidity in the air. If the room is closed, the humidity keeps going up, cooling will stop and the room becomes extremely hot and sticky.

In humid weather it is suggested to use a fan or AC in place of an air cooler.

  1. No direct blow of cold air from the AC or air cooler

Cover your baby with light layers especially a light cap for his head, small cotton socks to cover his feet. Dress your baby in thin cotton clothes to protect his legs and arms. Use light colors as dark colors will absorb heat. Keeping him covered will avoid direct cold air.

If you are covering the baby with a cloth / thin blanket ensure it does not cover his face ( avoiding suffocation incidents)

Too much of clothes and wrapping him snugly will make the baby uncomfortable, remember basic protection from cold air is sufficient.

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Other watch outs while using AC or Air cooler:

  • Service your AC / Air cooler timely to allow clean and efficient cooling. You will not come across surprises like breakdowns during peak summer making your baby sick and inactive.
  • Moisturize your newborn baby’s skin as the AC / cooler air will make the skin dry. Few moms place a basin with water in the room to make the room moist.
  • Avoid taking your baby to warmer conditions immediately from an AC room. Sudden temperature changes will make the baby feel sick. Ideally you need to switch off the AC and make him get used to the room temperature and then plan to go out in the hot weather.
  • If you plan traveling by car, cool down by keeping the windows open for some time and then putting on the AC especially if the car was out in the sun. This will remove all trapped air. The hot air external air blowing in from the windows can be risky and may cause nose bleeding. Avoid direct blast of external hot air.
  • If the baby is placed in a cradle ensure there is sufficient air for the baby and there are no obstructions.

You can follow the traditional way to keep the room cool during a power cut, blow with a handmade fan. Place the baby on the floor and dress him with light clothes. Ensure baby’s movement is monitored.

Draw the curtains to avoid direct sun rays. Thick curtain materials will keep the bright rays out. Make the baby become equipped at all weather conditions. It isn’t required to use the AC or air cooler all the time. When it isn’t hot and humid you can use the ceiling fan and maintain temperature of the room.

Keep a close watch on your newborn babies routine and make adjustments to suit your baby’s health. More care should be taken for a premature baby in hot sultry conditions.Concluding with the message that is is safe to use an AC or Air cooler provided you follow basic precautionary measures like room temperature maintenance,etc…

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