How to keep your Baby Healthy during Weather changes?

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It is a common observation that baby falls sick when weather change occurs. Even adults at home are down with viral fever, colds and fever due to infections. Follow these simple steps to keep your baby healthy and prevent baby from getting sick.

Breast feed and Immunize:

Keep baby healthy during weather changesYour baby’s immune system will be strong with breast feeding and following the immunization calendar  promptly. Do ensure to breastfeed your baby for the first six months and also ensure the vaccinations schedules are adhered to.

Dress for the weather:

Dress your baby as the weather demands. In summer preferable choose light colors and light wear. In winters dress the baby in layers such that you can add or remove clothing as the weather change occurs and the sun is up. Ensure your baby is dressed comfortably.

Bathe your baby safely:

Maintain less gap for the baby after a massage to avoid catching a cold. The solution is to avoid exposing your baby to sudden temperature changes. Ensure there is no contact with cool or chilled air during massage or bathing process. Select baby’s bath time when the baby is least likely to feel cold. Dress up the baby and then only put on the fan. Follow precautions while putting on the AC or air cooler.

Provide a Balanced diet:

Maintain a balanced diet when your baby moves to solids. A good diet provides vitamins and minerals she needs to help fight infections. If the child is a fussy eater, make sure she gets enough vitamins and minerals.

Follow hygiene:

Babies are very sensitive and catch infections quickly from people passing by too. Therefore ensure you maintain a hygienic environment and avoid sneezing, coughing with the baby around. Wash hands with disinfectant prior to handling the baby.

Cleaning Baby accessories:

Ensure toys are not left on the floor. If washable clean them. Ensure the rooms and surroundings are not dusty. If your baby goes to a Day care center inform and create awareness to maintain hygiene while feeding and handling the baby. Restrict movement of street wear inside the rooms. Seek support from other parents to practice hygiene.

Inspite  of all your best efforts your little one may fall sick once in a while. Your precautionary measures will keep the baby free from repeated illnesses. Getting sick is a way to challenge baby’s immune system. Do not delay visit to the doctor upon observing symptoms of sickness, cold, diarrhea, vomiting etc.

Hope you have a better understanding to keep your baby healthy during weather changes. Irrespective of the season, do not be worried over small illnesses observed. Take good care and avoid baby falling severely sick as it will take time to recover from any illness however minor it may sound.

Do not break down. Be alert when the baby has fever and give medications timely. The baby will be back with bouncing energy to make you happy.

How To Keep Your Baby Comfortable and Healthy in Summer

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Summer has set in with the heat and you need to keep your baby cool and comfortable. Your baby’s health is most important and you need to protect your little one from all external conditions that would affect his health.

Choice of clothes

How to keep your baby comfortable and healthy this summerSelect cotton clothes of light colors. Baby will be comfortable as it does not attract the heat and sweat does not get trapped which is a major cause for prickly heat to occur. Preferably use cotton nappies unless it cannot be avoided like traveling, attending a function. If you are using disposable nappy ensure baby is retained in cool environment.

Stay indoors during peak hours

To avoid the peak time of the sun’s heat, it is recommended that you do not go out between 10 am to 5 pm. In case situation demands you going out with the baby then wear suitable clothes, cover the baby’s head and keep away from direct sunlight as baby will feel drained and may fall sick due to the heat wave.

You can take the baby out in the evenings in his pram and show him the world around him. This will be a good exercise – walking schedule for the parents too.

Baby has to be given more liquids

Baby has to be given liquids in addition to milk. If baby is less than six months and exclusively breast fed there is no need to give boiled & cooled water separately. If baby is on formula feed you need to feed baby with water, coconut water or fruit juices in addition to milk. For kids above 8 months, appetite has increased, avoid buying food and drink from the road side vendors. Baby may fall sick due to unhygienic conditions at the stalls or the contaminated water used in the process and handling. Train babies to have homemade stuff. Carry water and food when you go out with the baby.

Avoid using excess talcum powder

Consult the doctor if baby skin has rashes. Apply coconut oil or olive oil while massaging your baby and to cool the baby’s skin. Wash away all oil during bath time. Consult a doctor for the right sunscreen to be used when you plan an outing.  Use a mild moisturizing soap. Apply talcum powder scarcely and after all moisture is wiped from the body.

Keep your baby from direct air of cooler or AC

Ensure your baby is way from direct cool air from the Air cooler or AC. This will ensure baby does not catch cold. After bathing your baby do not place him under high speed of fan or AC. Baby will feel cold and become uncomfortable.

Let baby enjoy bath time

How to keep your baby comfortable and healthy this summerYou can give him extra bathes. Need not wet the hair and head, the body should be addressed. Place baby in a small bath tub and fill lukewarm water into the basin up to stomach level when baby sits in the tub. Never, ever leave the baby alone even for a single moment. Give him some water toys, your baby is going to enjoy this play in water and will definitely make noise for taking him out water

Protect baby from insect bites

Keep baby within mosquito nets. Insect bites will leave rashes on body that will swell and ooze. Summer is the time for allergies and health problems due to extreme hot conditions. Wear long sleeved clothes and full covered thin pyjamas. Avoid standing water in and around your house which lead to breeding of mosquitoes. Protect your home with mosquito mesh on windows and doors

Follow all precautionary measures to keep your baby healthy this summer. If your baby is comfortable he will play and be normal throughout the day. If he is uneasy with the heat he will definitely put you to task.

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Getting the most out of baby clothes

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A newborn baby, although one of the most incredible joys in a person’s life, can also present something of a headache. The spending that is required to keep a baby healthy, happy and well-clothed is something that can really mount up and make any parent panic a little bit. There is no doubt whatsoever that some unscrupulous individuals will try to take advantage of this by selling baby gear at extortionate prices and trying to emotionally blackmail parents into spending that kind of money – “if you really care for your baby, you’ll pay whatever it takes” being the rather grubby subtext of their sales pitch.

Paying these people no heed can be difficult, but it really is the best option in the long run. Anyone who tries to tell you that your baby needs what they are selling has run out of more inventive sales techniques and is just a money-grabbing ghoul. You can dress a baby in hand-me-down clothes and they will not be adversely affected physically or mentally. It is one of the last points at which you can observe a total absence of direct peer pressure – your baby doesn’t care a jot if their clothes are not designer and you have not spent every penny you have on them. Let your baby’s happiness be the only important factor in all of this – some shyster’s sales pitch will be no help to anyone but themselves. Giving them what they need does not necessitate spending untold sums on supposedly state-of-the-art baby clothes.