Tips to manage your baby when sick

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If you observe your baby is not active and is not responding to the environment , it indicates the baby is unwell due to some reason and you need to act promptly to avoid the situation worsen. Baby will not be the usual self, will not take feeds as usual, vomiting, watery motions and will keep crying.

You need to prepare a list of observations prior to visiting the doctor to ensure you do not miss out the essential queries and information. Remember your pediatrician is your guide and you need to share all the observations of the child for a better diagnosis.

Here are a few symptoms to watch out, this will help you assess if your little one is sick.

  • Does your baby have temperature (hot body)?

If you touch and feel your baby’s neck or forehead with the back of your palm you will not be able to assess if the baby has temperature. If the baby is sleeping under the fan or in a cool room you will not be able to identify the temperature. Therefore you need to check baby temperature with a thermometer.

Put the thermometer under the armpit. After a minute note the temperature. Add 1 deg to that reading and you will understand the temperature of the baby.

As the baby is small do not place thermometer in the mouth. It is very risky. These days digital thermometers and single use disposable thermometers are available.

It is very important that the temperature should not exceed 101 deg Centigrade and above . Few children will be affected with seizures. Therefore keep a vigilant eye on the baby. You can sponge the baby with a moist cloth(dipped in regular water).  Do not use chill water as the baby will shiver due to the sudden dip in temperature.

  • Feeding is sufficient?

You need to watch out the fluid intake of the baby. If you feel the quantity is significantly lower than a normal day you need to consult the doctor and update the other observations. If the quantity of fluid intake is less marginally you can increase the intake gradually and continue to monitor baby.

  • Baby is crying excessively ?

tips to manage babyYou need to watch if your baby is crying unusually . By now you are in a position to distinguish the cry when baby is hungry or sleepy. The child can be managed by feeding or rocking in a cradle and put to sleep. If the child is in pain or if unwell due to some problem , the child will not stop crying and will demand for your presence all the time. The cry will sound shrieking and with pain. You need to consult the doctor and explain symptoms.

  • Baby is having difficulty in breathing?

A normal healthy baby will take shallow and easy breaths. The baby will sneeze, and sniff to clear the passage.

If you observe that your baby’s breath is unusual with a whistling noise, it is wheezing . This indicates that there is an obstruction to the flow of air leaving the lungs.

This condition is anticipated mostly in cold weather, winter. If your child is having difficulty to breathe i.e deep breathing you need to consult the doctor. There could be mild chest infection which heals with medication only.

  • Is your baby vomiting ?

Babies vomit sometimes after feed when they are in god health too./ If you observe the vomiting has increased and in larger quantity , do not panic consult the doctor. Usually in such cases the liquid will have foul smell indicating bowel obstruction.

  • Is your baby passing watery motions / stools ?

If you observe watery motions , abnormal smell too, nappies getting wet often. Baby is not active. This is due to the disturbance in digestion. This occurs when babies fall from a height or the effect of unhygienic conditions. Watch out for blood in the urine or stools. You need to ensure fluid intake sufficiently. Consult the doctor for further advise.

Baby may cry excessively due to colic pain or constipation .Baby will remain restless.You can follow home remedies for constipation.

  • Any rashes, redness on the body?

Watch out for any rashes or redness on the body. It could be skin allergy due to food or clothing, condition called measles / chicken pox. Consult the doctor and take necessary treatment.

Generally when babies are unwell, babies will not sleep and will be restless. The eyes may look drowsy , at times they may not go to any other family member too. Basically check blood circulation by pressing the tip of the toe and releasing after a few seconds. If the toe tip turns red then it is a healthy sign. Nothing  to worry at all.

Best of luck !! Do take good care…


Scares And Their Credibility

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There are no small amount of health scares that persist in this day and age – as adults we see them ourselves in cases of epidemics and “epidemics”, some of which are credible and some which are, to be charitable, less than helpful. In the case of babies’ health there is no less controversy, and there have been more than a few scares that have been shown to be unfounded. This has the highly unfortunate and undesirable effect of making people naturally skeptical, which can cause harmful indecision in times of genuine illness. Pediatricians are understanding and well-trained, so if you have a cause for concern it is worth taking it up with them.

One example of scare mongering having a negative effect is one that happened in Britain, when a medical paper written collaboratively by several doctors included a single line that raised the possibility that the MMR vaccination that had been in circulation for quite some time may be linked to autism in children. Although this line was written by one doctor, who had not even definitively claimed that the link was real and provable, the national press picked up on it and made it into a huge story. Although the other doctors involved in the study distanced themselves from the claim and it emerged that no evidence existed for any such link, the press had their story, and many parents were understandably reluctant to have their child immunized with the vaccine. When it comes down to it, getting medical advice from the media is not advisable.