The importance of Setting a Baby’s routine

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Setting a routine in the early stages is very important and it reflects in the baby’s growth. The baby will slowly maintain the routine and this will help you manage your time, balance your home and work. The caretaker in your absence can plan taking care of the kid.

Preparing baby feeds, bathing arrangements can be scheduled and this will ensure baby has a good pattern for feed, bath and sleep too. You can also plan for office work (if you have work from home arrangement).

Babies will follow the schedule gradually and the biggest advantage is baby follows the routine and gets adjusted to the timings except on days when baby is unwell. Bonding between parents and the child will develop due to this routine.

Planning a few routines for the baby are: Feed routine, Sleep routine, Bath routine, Toilet schedules.

The importance of Setting a Baby’s routineFeed routine: A popular saying, “Only a crying baby is fed”. Nevertheless the baby trusts that you will feed him when he is hungry. The simple way he communicates is by crying. He will show his irritation and restlessness by crying and wailing. Mother senses this reflux and starts feeding the baby. The cycle of feeds are understood with regular observation. As baby grows the food patterns vary- introduction of semi-solid foods. You need to cook in advance and make things ready for baby.

It is advisable to feed babies every three hours, but do not be fussy with the timing. Doctors also insists to feed the babies when they are hungry and genuinely have appetite. Force feeding can result in over feeding or vomiting. When you start a feed routine, a feeling of love and security is created in the baby, which lasts a lifetime.

The importance of setting a baby's routineBath routine: Bath time is loved by most babies. Basically bath time is fun time for little ones. They have a nice oil massage and a warm water bath. They are changed into fresh and clean clothes. Babies are fed after a bath and put to sleep. Infact most babies are drowsy during feed time itself due to the refreshing feeling of warmth. Keep all the bath accessories together such that you do not have to leave the baby unattended.

Few babies do not enjoy bathing. They get restless with the massage and warm water. They would like to be left alone in the crib or watch the toys around. Such babies need to be handled with great care. Hold baby close to yourself while performing the bath routine. Bathing need not be done in the early hours of the day. Plan baby bath based on the sleep routine, usually in the afternoon when the sun is warm. Set a particular time and stick to the schedule.

The importance of Setting a Baby’s routineSleep routine: Sleep routine is the most important routine for the baby in a day. The sleep pattern of a newborn baby is very inconsistent, this will disturb the sleep of everyone in the family. Developing a sleep routine is very important as the baby is slowly adjusting to the new environment he is in. Sleep pattern generally observed is if the baby is born in the night, he’ll be awake during that time and will sleep in the day. If baby is born in the day time, he’ll be awake during the day and sleep during the night.

If babies do not sleep during the set schedules they become irritated. They are overtired and handling the baby becomes tough. Therefore it is recommended that babies are allowed to follow the sleep pattern. Watch for the signs of tiredness, when baby starts rubbing her eyes and becoming cranky. You will observe that the baby goes fast asleep after these signs. You can start the bedtime routine, start putting the baby into the cradle and rocking or placing baby in the crib and patting gently. Lower the lights, close the curtains and make the environment amicable.

You can also hum a few slow melodious lines, sing lullabies and put the baby to sleep. Babies that follow a routine develop the same as they grow up. The child turns to be systematic and this is a good practice imbibed.

Toilet routine can be slowly developed. This can be initiated when baby is around 9 months old. Baby is already on a solid diet and therefore morning stools can be initiated on the toilet chair by holding to the baby. After regular intervals baby can be taken to the toilet for passing urine. This will develop an instinct and the baby understands and communicates with signs the need for nature call.

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