Valuable tips on how to develop your baby’s brain

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You are all anxious to bring home a new born baby. The parents have a huge responsibility to bring up the child , you need to role model a behavior that as the years go by the child imbibes from the surroundings.

Valuable tips on how to develop your baby's brainMotherhood is a special time in your life, it is a time filled with worries , surprises and adjustments. You can carry this phase of your life with grace and make memorable moments for you and your family.

Studies reveal that a baby brought up with affection and nurturing will grow to be a healthy individual in future. The brain develops fully and the baby will trust the surroundings, will be positive and will care for the family. The child will stick to the values in tough times too.

The baby brought up in negative environment, in the midst of parents tiffs are very narrow minded. They are selfish, less caring and grow up into individuals with lot of health complications.

As a mother you can care for your child with affection and love and make the most of the responsibility bestowed upon you.

The following tips will be helpful to develop your baby’s brain for a new born baby upto 3 months of age:

    • You need to assure your baby with the warmth of your skin. Skin contact makes your baby feel your presence and nearness and feels comfortable.
    • Hold your baby face to face and make eye contact.
    • You need to communicate with your baby during all the activities you are doing in a day. Keep talking to your baby in a soft voice and lovingly while you are feeding, bathing or dressing the baby.
    • While the baby is sleepy put him to sleep by singing a lullaby. The lyrics need not be perfect , never mind if the tune is off melody. The baby will recognize your voice in the midst of several people speaking.
    • Keep calling out the baby’s name such that he identifies his name and responds with a smile.
    • Place colorful toys around his crib and vision. Ensure the toys make different sounds too. Select toys that will stimulate the baby’s brain and development.
    • During the communications mimic the cries of birds, the noise of animals such that the baby differentiates sounds.
    • Place bright pictures of black and white images in the areas of eye contact such that the images keep him occupied.
    • Understand the cries of your baby, you can differentiate the cries of hunger, pain, irritation, sleep, baby unwell. When the mother responds to babies cry, baby is assured of the love and feels emotionally secure.
    • Massage your baby prior to bath schedules. Hold your baby during feedings and provide the baby the warmth and comfort required. Breast feeding is the closest bonding between mother and baby.

  • Play different music tunes and you will be surprised to see how the baby is enjoying the tunes.
  • Take the baby for a short stroll outside when the weather is appropriate. You can make the baby feel closer to nature and value the importance of environment too.

How you mother your baby can make a huge difference. The tips are small steps in the progress of your baby’s brain. Your child’s future is in your hands. You can create the right surroundings for your little baby. Enjoy your baby’s growth…

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