Why is my Baby Crawling Backwards?

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baby-backward-crawling-is-it-normalIt is very strange to observe a baby crawling backwards. I was surprised to watch the little one actually going backwards rather than the usual pattern of crawling forward. He was quick to turn onto his stomach and infact slow to start crawling. The change was observed after completion of 5 months.

Upon checking with the elders in the family and the pediatrician during regular visits I was assured that there was no need to worry. As long as the baby begins to move across the floor using each arm and each leg, there is no cause for concern.

Why is my Baby Crawling Backwards?

Backward crawling is generally practiced as the baby’s arms are initially stronger than her legs and therefore he’ll try to push backwards. This doesn’t mean that your baby is skipping a major developmental milestone.

However you need to encourage your little one to move forward by placing his favorite toy just out of arm’s reach. This will help strengthen the muscles he needs to crawl forward. You should not do this too often as he will get frustrated when he is unable to access his toys quickly and may

Remember it is perfectly fine if your baby skips crawling altogether and proceeds to the next stage of trying to stand up on his feet. No need to worry as long as he is mobile and trying to move around on his tummy.

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How to Promote Forward Crawling:

Follow some of the below mentioned tips to promote your baby crawl forward on all fours.

  • Place colorful toys in front of him, just out of arms reach such that he stretches and attempts to move forward.
  • Get down on the floor and show your baby how to crawl forward. Babies do imitate behaviors.
  • You can also bring in your friend’s or relatives baby who is crawling forward. Your baby can watch and follow the movements. This will help speed the process.
  • When baby crawl or move in reverse, then put your hand on his bottom and gently propel him forwards.
  • You can also move his arms/legs for him so he get used to the feeling of moving forward instead of backwards.

It takes time and patience for the baby to start crawling and rest his weight on all fours. As new parents you are also excited to see your little one do things quickly and with ease. You will slowly observe the changes in your baby’s movements and you will be surprised at how he is getting along to see new areas of your home.

No matter he crawls forward or backward ensure you be watchful of the surroundings. Place him on a mat and check out for unwanted stuff-sharp objects lying around

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Shower plenty of praises and encourage him to crawl to you, and make a big thing out of it when baby crawl, you will have more success. No matter how your baby learns to get around, one thing is for sure, once they start moving, it’s hard to keep them still!

So watch out for your baby’s next moves. Take as many pictures as possible and record videos. You can watch these as the baby is growing and remember those busy days later on.

Go ahead and enjoy every moment of motherhood!!

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